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What people have to say about: The Tinnie Shack

The Tinnie Shack has developed an excellent reputation for service in the recreational, commercial and tourism sectors and has maintained very strong trading through the recent financial downturn. Dean and Carla are the real thing.

Mick & Clare Levin

Mick & Clare Levin purchased a Formosa 4.8m Side Console

After 14 years of hard service our old fibreglass boat was starting to look a little sad. Fibreglass on the ramps in North Queensland is not a good idea. With 1100 hours on the old Honda 90, it needed constant TLC, but it was still running perfectly, so we found it difficult to look at another brand. We were looking for an aluminium replacement. Basically what we wanted was a solid alloy boat, small enough that Claire could hold it on the ramp without too much trouble and getting eaten, (important in FNQ) but large enough that she would feel comfortable going offshore in it.

I had checked a few dealers around the area and was not that impressed. I was looking for a plate boat, most of their stock in the size I was looking at, had pressed bottoms and plate sides to make them look pretty. I had heard of the Tinnie Shack, but I had never checked them out, tinnies to me, have always been twelve foot pieces of pressed, re-cycled beer cans. When I checked their web site I found the opposite, real aluminium plate boats, and Honda motors.

In my first call to Carla, I brought up my wife’s concerns she replied, “I understand, I’m a chick too”! Carla recommended a Formosa 4.8m side console, this would be good on the ramps and have that added advantage that Claire could sit down the back and enjoy a smoother ride. I quickly realised that I was actually talking to a salesperson that understood boating, fishing and from a woman’s perspective as well.

My first look at the Formosa range, I was impressed, they are built very well and with a 4mm plate bottom probably the strongest small plate boat on the market. Dean informed me that although the recommended maximum horsepower was 90, the 4.8 performed better with the 60hp. My thoughts were, “We can’t afford this boat!”, we were pleasantly surprised, even with the live bait tank, transom door and ladder and the canopy the total was the same as a pressed boat elsewhere with the same motor and no extras.

Dean was correct the boat is brilliant with the 60hp, they certainly know their products and all of the products they sell are of the highest quality. We are just getting to know the vessel and are loving it.

Buying a vessel from the Tinnie Shack has been an enjoyable experience and I would recommend them to anyone. Hopefully soon there will be a picture of Claire on their website holding her first mackerel….

Mick & Claire Levin Mourilyan

Brad Kane

Brad Kane Purchased an AMM 6.8m Weekender

The decision to purchase an AMM 6.8 weekender was based on the research I did on these boats. They are a soft riding fuel efficient boat built to a high and well refined standard and design. The interior layouts and custom option are very practical and they are also built right here in Queensland. I was able to meet the guys at AMM and view my boat at the before painting stage to confirm all extra requirements.

The team at AMM has a good reputation for building high quality boats, attention to detail and a very friendly approach to any hull customization needs. With my experience these guys live up to their reputation very well.

I placed my boat package order with Dean & Carla Greive of the Tinnie Shack Mission Beach Queensland, who I believe are the only dealers appointed by AMM, which in itself states the trust AMM have in these guys. After going through the ordering process and right through to delivery I found Dean, Carla and team to be very professional and passionate about what they do. Their attention to detail and quality of service is great. They offer and supply Honda outboards and the BF225 outboard supplied has impressed me with its smooth quiet and fuel-efficient performance. I feel very confident in the Tinnie Shack team looking after all my needs & after sales service.

I would just like to thank Dean, Carla and team at the Tinnie Shack. As my boat dealer you were a pleasure to deal with and you delivered a very impressive boat package.


Brad Kane Townsville

The Porter Family

The Porter Family purchased a Formosa 5.2m Bowrider

I contacted Carla at the Tinny Shack in December 2012 for some info on a Formosa 5.2 bowrider as I was looking for a good all round family boat.

After 6 months research I had narrowed it down to 3 brands at different dealers, in the end I kept coming back to the Tinny Shack. I think Carla lives in her office, as anytime I emailed (many many times) or called, I had a reply straight back, and an answer to my questions no matter how trivial. After a trip to Mission Beach (not exactly hard to take) and meeting Carla and Dean and seeing their operation I ordered my boat. The whole process was a pleasure, with Carla sending me pictures as the build progressed, when the hull arrived I went down and we worked out the final fit out etc with Dean in the workshop.

A week later we took delivery of Bow Wow, and that afternoon we were anchored off Dunk Island having a ball. I ordered this boat sight unseen, but at no time did I feel apprehensive because these guys are really passionate about what they do and the products they sell.


The Porter Family

Garth Smith

Garth Smith purchased an AMM 6400 Weekender

Just a follow up on from a recent experience for my family and I after purchasing a AMM 6400 Weekender.

After a number of years in rural & mining QLD my family and I sought and chose the sea change life style moving to the coastal Whitsunday area. The thought of living in the area and not having a boat was a challenge as we were seeking a lifestyle change etc. Not knowing anything about boats – be it Fibreglass or Aluminium, I chose an aluminium plate boat over pressed boat for long term safety, comfort and structural integrity…

We have had our boat for 6 weeks now and would like to acknowledge it to you guys the following in 4 ways:

1. Product, the AMM 6400 meets my family’s needs from a safety, structural and world class standard.

2. People. AMM & The TINNE SHACK-Dean & Carla – Excellent from my first encounter with you and then at the Airlie Beach boat show, your passion about your product is second to none.

3. Support, The TINNE SHACK -to Dean & Carla Grieve at Mission Beach, AMM – as a boat manufacturer must be proud of the passion and effort these guys put into supporting the AMM product. Their efforts in building enduring LONG TERM relationships from point of interest to sale and after is second to none… Thanks guys

4. Lifestyle: The AMM product has provided my family with the tool to access a lifestyle we will remember for many years to come


Garth Smith

Michael & Cathy Deguara

Michael & Cathy Deguara purchased a Formosa Tomahawk 5.5m Side Console

Our experience with the Tinnie Shack began back in September 2009 when we made contact with Carla enquiring in relation to a Formosa Tomahawk 5.5m Side Console Boat.

Well weren’t we pleasantly surprised in the standard of service we experienced from day one. Our questions were answered on the spot with evident proven knowledge of their products but as these boats were relatively new on the scene at the time, any query that couldn’t be answered immediately was followed up on and we were contacted promptly with all answers. It did not matter how big or how minor the query was or whether it was in relation to the boat itself, trailer, electronics or optional extras right down to paintwork and signage – every detail was thoroughly and professionally dealt with.

From here on in we had great confidence that we were dealing with honest, reliable and genuine down to earth people. We subsequently ordered the boat with the Tinnie Shack and not only was the service exceptional prior to placing our order but continued on to when we took delivery of the boat and right through until now, some13 months on. To give you some idea – upon taking delivery every possible aspect of our purchase was gone through in detail beginning in the office with the order details, operation manuals & warranties then out to the workshop where they went over the boat all the added extras, the maintenance & upkeep of the motor the hooking up of the trailer for towing purposes and then down to the water for a water test and demo. Our experience has been that the after sales service is equally as first class as the pre-purchase service. I might also add that we found the price very competitive on the whole package including add on extras.

To sum it up the service we have and continue to receive is outstanding and second to none which you can expect to receive from the point of contact with Denise on reception right through to Dean and Carla in the shop and on to Matt, James and the boys in the workshop.

We would like to congratulate Dean & Carla and the whole team at the Tinnie Shack for their impeccable service. If you’re looking to purchase a boat then look no further than the Tinnie Shack as this is the kind of service you don’t think exists anymore.

Michael & Cathy Deguara

Dennis Daly

Dennis from Fishin’ Mission is a long-time Tinnie Shack customer

I have been using The Tinnie Shack for the last 15 years for all my boating needs, which includes getting 3 vessels into survey for my charter business. As a fishing charter business it is important to have the support and commitment from your mechanics to keep you going and doing it safely. I have also had the privilege of fishing with Dean and Carla in a number of tournaments and Dean’s knowledge of fishing is unrivalled as his numerous awards are testament to that. Thanks to the Honda Team at The Tinnie Shack I have completed over 1200 charters out of Mission Beach and have got back safely every time.

Fishin Mission is the North Queensland charter fishing experience you’ve been waiting for!

Whilst you’re visiting beautiful Mission Beach, Dunk Island or Bedarra, why not spend a day fishing the sparkling waters of Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef.

For more information check out the website at http://www.fishinmission.com.au/

Dennis Daly