Suzuki 4-stroke outboards compliant with Emissions Standards

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Posted on 10th May 2018

With critical dates for the new emissions standards legislation looming, we wanted to clarify what this actually means for the marine industry in Australia, and in particular Suzuki Marine customers.

What is the legislation all about?

The Federal Government is taking steps to reduce the environmental footprint for Non-Road Spark Ignition Engines and Equipment (NRSIEE), which includes marine outboard motors, by putting emissions regulations in place in order to improve Australia's air quality. The emissions standards outline the limits for hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions, including those from carburetor and standard EFI 2-stroke outboard motors. The Product Emissions Standards Bill 2017 was introduced to Parliament in August 2017, with the Product Emissions Standards Act commencing on 15 September 2017.

What products does this affect?

The first emissions-controlled products are outdoor power equipment and marine engines which include spark ignition engines used in marine vessels such as outboard and stern-drive motors and personal watercraft. These apply to new products only which means the legislation will phase out the importation of new conventional 2-stroke outboards, including Suzuki’s DT 2-stroke range, however the new standards will not affect 2-stroke products that people already own or second hand products in the marketplace. 

When does the legislation take effect?

The legislation applies from 1 July 2018, onwards and any products imported into Australia must comply with or exceed the emissions standards. From 1 July, 2020, all outboards supplied to the Australian market must be compliant. 

What does this mean for Suzuki Marine and its customers?

While we will no longer be able to import new 2-stroke outboards from 1 July 2018, rest assured that we will continue to supply spare parts, service and warranty to customers who currently own 2-stroke outboards. From July 1, 2020, outboards that do not comply or exceed these standards will not be supplied to the Australian market. 

Suzuki's 4-stroke range compliant with emissions standards

Suzuki’s 4-stroke range includes a number of features and technological advances that provide better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value, making them a great choice for those in the market for a reliable, fuel efficient and high performing outboard motor. They have long been compliant with Australian and international emissions standards as recognised by the California Air Resources Board.

For more information on the Suzuki outboard range, contact your local authorised Suzuki Marine dealer

More information on The Product Emissions Standards Bill 2017 is available on the Department of the Environment and Energy's website.