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Boating made better. That’s what we do here at Suzuki Marine. But don’t take our word for it. We have a number of customers who have taken their boating to the next level since joining the Suzuki Marine family. Here are their stories.

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We've done a diverse range of commercial boats over the years... they (Suzuki Outboards) work really well.

Greg is a commercial boat builder located in the Bass Strait and has used Suzuki Marine outboards for over 10 years.

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Benefits of a Suzuki - it's quiet, fuel-efficient and it starts every time!

Jeff is an Oyster farmer from SA Premium Oysters in Smoky Bay, South Australia says "it runs smoothly and pushes the weight."

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Generally most trips I burn 1.1, 1.2 km's per litre with Lean Burn technology

Rhys Jackon, recreational fisherman from Brisbane, says he built his dream trailor boat and obviously has Suzuki Marine outboards on the back!

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As a rule, we never come home without fish

"Fantastic motors, just responsive and the maneuvoerability with them is amazing"

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Having the Lean Burn technology allows us to work a lot longer and go a lot further

Brad and Grant commercial fishermen from Yamba say "our Suzuki's never miss a beat"

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Gives us the confidence to go further and further!

"When we came down and did the reef fishing, we were doing 1.1lm/L offshore with the Lean Burn technology."

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This thing boots, this is another level!

Softy from Premium Oysters says "You're average boat fuel efficiency is a km to the litre, where Suzuki Lean Burn is half that!"

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Saving Money is a massive part of my business

Jack Henderson, a commercial fisherman from South Australia relies on his Suzuki outboard DF325A to be able to just press a button and go.

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Cause I'm going to be using it all the time, I want something that's going to be reliable and good on fuel.

After retiring from the Army, Gary from Townsville has had more time to spend on the water fishing the local waterways, especially since purchasing his DF60A with Lean Burn.

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So far the Suzukis have proven my choice there is the correct one...

Running a fishing charter business in Sydney, Stuart relies on his outboards day in, day out.

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Never missing a beat!

Chris owns All Waterfront Constructions in Sydney's Pittwater – a specialist marine construction business. After giving Suzuki a go, his fleet has gone from one to five or six outboards to help run his business daily. As Chris says, his outboards are "never missing a beat!"

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It just makes sense!

Vic of OceanHunter Sportsfishing is one happy man. Aside from having Sydney Harbour as his office, he's seen significant fuel savings (30 per cent!) and better performance since repowering with #SuzukiMarine. As Vic says "it just makes sense"

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One word to describe these engines is perfection

"One word to describe these engines is perfection". Nic has one of the most interesting and unreal jobs in the world – he dives for and collects live coral for the global saltwater aquarium trade in the Great Barrier Reef. His business relies on the performance and reliability of the twin DF300AP outboards on his Svennson Boat to get the job done.

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Don’t even look at other motors just go straight out and get one!

“Don’t even look at other motors just go straight out and get one” wise words from Steve, DF70A owner who upgraded his outboard to a Suzuki Marine 70hp and hasn't looked back.

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It's just flawless, I can't fault it for anything

Dan loves the serenity of being on the water, chasing fish, squid and "whatever's tasty". When looking for an outboard for his newly-rebuilt Haines Signature, he did his research and went with the best choice for weight and reliability – a DF90 with tiller handle fitted.

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I should’ve switched sooner

"I recently bought a DF70, which I'm absolutely loving. I'm saving a lot of money on fuel and it's good for going offshore for the reliability. It's quiet, I'm loving it," Karl Stubbs, The Commuter.

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It's very important to have reliability and performance

"Now that I've tried it and had it for a while and I'm extremely happy with it. I am a commercial operation so to me it is very important to have reliability and performance so I would definitely recommend it to a friend," Mike, Bayview Water Taxi Driver.

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Trouble free enjoyment

Derek from Whangarei uses his boat for recreational fishing. What does he love about his Suzuki DF175TX outboard? Reliability, fuel economy, plus more.

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Powering over waves and big seas... we need a good amount of grunt

With over 800 operating hours completed each year, Justin was looking for an outboard model that was not only economical on fuel, but also reliable and powerful enough to get him over rough seas with up to 16 passengers on board his tour vessel at any one time, up to 4 times a day. That's why he chose a Suzuki DF300AP...

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I'm using half the amount of fuel of my old motor

Ray spends much of his summer out on his boat fishing and diving with his grandsons. With up to five passengers plus all their gear, he was looking for a motor "with a bit more oomph" to get him out and back without worry. So he chose a Suzuki DF60AVTL.

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I was quite impressed with the offset driveshaft

Knowing what the weather is like in and around Auckland, Mike and Kim were after an outboard that was able to push their boat along when they "get in a bit of nasty stuff" and the DF150 certainly does the job with its offset driveshaft for better acceleration and performance.

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You've got the power to do it

Malcolm owns a Haines Hunter and recently switched to a DF225TX outboard, after owning a 2-stroke for a number of years. What he enjoys most from his Suzuki is reliability and power. Hear more of Malcolm's story.

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It's all about the thrill of the chase

"The twin 140s are just perfectly balanced on the back of my 6.0m Offshore Edencraft. The grip and drive of the counter rotating props really add to the stability of the hull, and the manoeuvrability of the boat with the twin engines really help fighting big game fish from a trailer boat," Joel Ryan, Game Fisherman.

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Dave and his fellow Fremantle Sea Rescue team rely on their Suzuki Marine outboards to keep local boaties safe on the water.

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Our running costs have just dropped

"The first day out on the job with the new Suzuki Marine Lean Burn engines and dropped 25L/hour".

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There is no other outboard brand like it in the world. Suzuki Marine is truly unique. You may think all outboards look the same, but once you get under the surface, you'll see why those in the know, choose Suzuki Marine. Our distinctive character is not what you see, it's what you feel better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value...