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16 Sep 2017

Good morning, my name is Derek and I live in Whangarei Heads, Whangarei Harbour. I use my boat for recreational fishing.

What lead you to purchasing this Suzuki outboard?

I’ve owned a Suzuki quad bike and I was very impressed with the low down torque that it had so I thought I’d look at a Suzuki outboard.

I looked at a Suzuki and a Yamaha and I settled on the Suzuki mainly through the motor being so quiet and definitely fuel efficiency.

One of the technological features of the DF175 is VVT-i (or Variable Valve Timing with intelligence). How has this feature enhanced your boating experience?

The main thing is that the motor doesn’t… it’s never labouring whether you’re going up a swell or coming down a swell. There’s no difference in the tone of the motor. I guess there’s a compensating thing in there to do with drag.

What were some of the other features of the Suzuki outboard that caught your attention?

I think it just came down to the fuel economy and the way the motor’s built. It’s a wee bit heavier than the other ones [brands] that I looked at but the final drive in the Suzuki is far superior in my opinion to the final drives in the other motors I’ve mentioned and hence that may be why it’s a wee bit heavier but I see that as a plus on a boat like this.

What would you say are three benefits of your Suzuki outboard?

Well reliability, first and foremost. Fuel economy is up there with that and really, it’s just so quiet. I mean, it’s a quiet motor.

What’s the fuel economy been like since you purchased this DF175?

I either look it per ‘k’ [kilometre] or per nautical mile and at cruise, which is around about 22 knots, the motor’s burning less than litre per nautical mile which translates into about half a litre per ‘k’ [kilometre], which is… ah… well, if you had that [fuel economy] five years ago you’d be crowing about it!

Did you consider any other outboard brand before purchasing your Suzuki?

I was quite impressed with the Yamaha, mainly because the people that I fish with have got Yamahas, but the Yamaha’s definitely got a bit of a growl to it and this motor is, a) a lot quieter, and b) it’s more fuel efficient.

Would you recommend Suzuki Marine to a friend and what would you say?

I’d definitely recommend them [Suzuki] to a friend, and one of the reasons too is that the agent up here [Warren Hay Marine] is such a good company to work with. They’re very knowledgeable and they go the extra mile for you. That would be one of the reasons why I’d say buy a Suzuki here in Whangarei.

But I’ve just had so much… trouble-free enjoyment out of it. The servicing costs aren’t all that high and they’re once every 100 hours. So, that’s probably the reasons.

It’s been an enjoyable experiment.


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