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I was quite impressed with the offset driveshaft

27 Oct 2017

Hi, I’m Mike Collins and [this is] my wife Kim, on board the new Sea nymph 640 Blazer with a 150 horse power Suzuki motor sitting on the back. Brand-spanking-new.

What were you looking for most from your outboard?

Probably more economics in terms of fuel consumption. Coming from diesel motors to petrol, there’s always that frightening reality of the cost of petrol, so generally how economical the motor will be and probably equally important, how well it’ll push the boat along.

What features do you like about your outboard?


I was quite impressed with the off-centre [drive] shaft, that was a wee bit unique and they [Suzuki dealer] did talk about how quiet the motor was and to be honest I didn’t really experience that until today and it’s amazingly quiet, in fact so quiet, you didn’t even know the motor is switched on which takes a wee bit of getting used to coming from the boat that we had previously.


I actually said to Mike, “before we push off you might want to start the motor,” as I didn’t hear it going, so… yeah, it’s very quiet.

What are some of the benefits of your Suzuki outboard?


Power in relation to the loading of the boat. The hull itself’s pretty renowned for the type of weather we’re used to in the Hauraki Gulf, so something to really push it along when we do get in a bit of nasty stuff, which we have experienced in the past.


It’s important to have the power for me and I’m thinking of grandchildren out on it and being able to pull them along behind with whatever [ski] toys they choose to bring in behind.

Did you consider any other outboard brands before purchasing the Suzuki?

Yes, we twisted Robbie’s [from Sea nymph Boats] arm a wee bit in relation to Suzuki versus Yamaha. To be honest we were looking at three [different] boat packages and the other two boat packages had Yamahas on them and of course they’re quite popular in and around the Auckland area, so it was really getting an understanding on what Suzuki can do in relation to the other [outboard] brands, but it was really between Suzuki and Yamaha.

Why did you choose Suzuki?

The fuel economy was something we seriously looked at and considered. The off-centre [drive] shaft which the other motors didn’t have and the power to weight ratio was quite important in relation to the size of the boat that we’ve got and getting a motor that’s not only economical to run but has enough grunt to actually push it along.

Would you recommend Suzuki to your friends and family?


Oh definitely, yeah. Yes.




Very, very impressed. [The outboard is] Quite grunty. We went through a wee bit of wake and chop and it [outboard] handled perfectly well and [was] very responsive on the throttle. No, yes certainly would recommend it.

When I was 15 I bought my first motorbike which was a Suzuki Maverick. And after that I bought another Suzuki motorbike so it was actually quite good to be able to jump into a boat that’s got a Suzuki motor on the outboard… I’m not going to tell you how many years later! [I’ve had a] Good experience with Suzuki as a brand. Excellent.

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