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I'm using half the amount of fuel of my old motor

9 Nov 2017

Living in the Whangarei area, Ray used to spend much of his time fishing in Parua Bay and the harbour with his family, including his two grandsons. Since purchasing the DF60AVTL, they've been able to head further offshore to the surrounding islands, while using half the amount of fuel he used to and Ray couldn't be happier! Read the rest of Ray's story below or check out the video.

Ray from Whangarei | DF60AVTL

Hi, my name’s Ray Blomquist. We fish out of Parua Bay – beautiful area here. Spend quite a bit of time fishing in the harbour but since we’ve had the motor we’ve gone further afield into the Hen and Chicks [Hen and Chicken Islands] where we’ve had a lot of success with King fish, especially my grandson who’s a bit of a gun. 

How long have you had your outboard?

Just under 12 months, we got it the beginning of last summer. It’s been a real boon for us.

What specific features do you like about the Suzuki?

I guess three things. Reliability – when you go out in the blue water you need to be able to get home again. Fuel economy was really important and… it looks nice!

Quite often there’s four or five of us in the boat with a lot of fishing gear, some dive gear, so we definitely needed a bit more oomph to get us to where we’re going.

What do you mostly use your boat for?

A normal recreational boat, it gets a fair bit of use here. Probably in the summer, it’s out once a week, or even during the week – whenever we can get out.

What are three benefits of your Suzuki outboard?

Well, like I said before, the fuel economy is brilliant. I’m using half the amount of fuel of my older motor. It’s really quiet, you can’t actually hear it going which is sometimes a bit of a problem cause you forget to switch it off!

Starts first time every time and the controls are simple to use for an old guy like me – can’t get it wrong.

How many hours have you done and what are your fuel figures like?

I think we’ve done about 60 hours so far. Fuel wise we can get to the Hen and Chicks [Hen and Chicken Islands] and back.

Did you consider any other brand before purchasing the Suzuki?

No, surprising enough, I didn’t. I know the Suzuki dealer here and we’ve dealt with them before and we just went in and they gave us a really good deal. We’ve used Suzuki on my little auxiliary outboard and it’s never let us down much and so, we went with that. And we’ve got a Suzuki car too.

Have you owned any other brand previously?

We had a Mariner on this before, a 60 horse [power]. It was a good motor but it was getting near the end of its life. So like I say we thought we’d have a change to something that was quieter and far more fuel economical.

If you had to recommend Suzuki to a friend, what would you say?

I’d say “go for it!”. I’ve had no issues with this [model] before and it’s been brilliant.

Thanks for the opportunity of sharing with you guys.

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