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It's all about the thrill of the chase

Sydney, NSW

Joel, an avid big game fisherman from Sydney, NSW, works in the motorcycle industry as a Product Manager by day, but when knock off time comes and the conditions are right, you'll see him out on the water in his Edencraft Offshore 6.0, fitted with two Suzuki DF140A 4-strokes, on the hunt for kingies, marlin, swordfish and whatever else decides to cross his path.

Known as 'Shake & Bake', Joel's rig of choice is perfectly set up for fighting big game fish and the twin 140s are "perfectly balanced" on the back to help get him up and going for when the hunt is on. As Joel says, "it's all about the thrill of the chase!", and the power and acceleration provided by the DF140As never let him down.

"The twin 140s are just perfectly balanced on the back of my 6.0m Offshore Edencraft. The grip and drive of the counter rotating props really add to the stability of the hull, and the manoeuvrability of the boat with the twin engines really help fighting big game fish from a trailer boat."

While Suzuki's product range is known for its unique features and innovations, one characteristic in particular has really appealed to Joel – their ability to provide better acceleration thanks to Suzuki's offset driveshaft.

"The ability to spin a larger propeller because of Suzuki's offset driveshaft and the gearbox has really helped with getting the boat so balanced and provide that bit of grunt you need to get up. I'm running a set of 14" x 22 props."

"The prop set up, the balance of the 140s and the fact they're so quick out of the blocks all work well together to really make it a comfortable ride, especially with the long, offshore hauls that I'm regularly doing."

Besides the acceleration, what other benefits do Joel's outboards provide?

"The fuel economy of the 140s is a huge benefit to me. Even though the Edencraft isn't a huge trailer boat, it's very heavy for its size at close to 3 tonne on the road, loaded up. The 140s push it along nicely, and run under 1km per litre on average, combined."

"It really is a heavy boat, once you factor in all the fishing gear and fuel. You need that acceleration to really get it out of the water and the twins [DF140s] on the back really give me that, so all I need to worry about is pulling lures and fighting those big game fish".

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