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2 Oct 2017

Hi, my name is Malcolm. I’ve purchased this 225 [DF225] Suzuki from Warren Hay Marine in Whangarei. And yeh, as far as I’m concerned, it goes bloody well!

What were you looking for most when you set out to buy an outboard?

First, I wanted reliability. But I also wanted the power with the boat I’ve got which is over 2 tonne boat… and I go out in rough weather. I wanted something that would push it along… go out in 3 or 4m stuff – deep sea fishing, I’ve got the power there to get out of it.

What were your reasons for purchasing the DF225 model?

I did a little bit of reading up about them [Suzuki Marine], and over the years Suzuki has stepped up their technology.

Have you seen a significant change in fuel economy compared to the last outboard you owned?

The last boat I had was with a 2-stroke [outboard]. This is completely different. I’ve got a 180 litre fuel tank – it gives me a range of just about two days trawling… at say, 9-10 hours a day running the motor, so for two days… it does over a litre a mile.

You can open the throttle up, it’ll do over 60 miles an hour and it’ll burn up “x” amount of fuel. Six knots and it’ll burn up six litres of fuel. The [fuel] economy is there.

What would you say are three key benefits of your Suzuki outboard?

Fuel economy, the quietness of the motor – you can’t even hear it running! They’re reasonably priced. They’re not overpriced.

Did you consider any other outboard brands before purchasing a Suzuki outboard?

I looked at three different brands, I just ended up getting a Suzuki.

What lead you to Suzuki over the other brands?

Well, I had a Johnson for 15 years – a 90 horse [power] Johnson, on a 6 metre tinnie. [It was a] Great motor! But Johnson don’t make Johnson anymore. So, yeh I had a talk to my boat dealer [Warren Hay Marine] and he says “Why not try a Suzuki?” and I said “ok”, and he gave me a whole lot of stuff to read up on it. “Go read a bit up about it”. I’m glad I did take it [Suzuki outboard].

A couple… about three years ago I was overseas – Bali and Thailand and stuff like that. And they’ve got all these [Suzuki] motors on them [boats]. They’re not even washing them down, they’re just sitting in the water all the time. And I asked them “How long have you had the motor on?”, “Oh three years”. “[Have you] done anything to it?”, “No… except service it”. So I thought, “oh well”, and they’re taking tourists out to all the islands and stuff like that so I thought, “they go alright”.

If you were to recommend Suzuki to a friend, what would you say?

Well I’ve had no problems with it. Ok, I’ve done just under 200 hours but if you do your research right, I don’t think you’ll look back.

And I’ve had it in some four metre plus swells and the motor performs really well. And there’s no flat spots or anything like that, you know, you just put your hammer down and don’t worry about using [all] your fuel if you need to get yourself out of a bit of shit, you got the power there to do it. And I could’ve gone to the next one [model] down but I’m glad I didn’t and it was a few thousand dollars [cheaper] yes, and was very tempting but I’m glad I made the right choice in getting the 225 cause I’ve got the extra power there.

I’m happy with it.

It does the job well.

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