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Tweed Bait : Fishing Gear

With a wide range of fishing tackle to suit our local fishing needs, The Tinnie Shack stock a full range of rods, reels, eskies and everything else you could possibly imagine. The Tinnie Shack is known for their competitive pricing and are able to compete with the major tackle stores. Dean and Carla compete on a local and international level of fishing competitions, therefore their experience in what to stock has made the Tinnie Shack the major fishing tackle retailer in Mission Beach. If you’re new to Mission Beach, drop in and have a chat with them to get the most up to date reports and advice as to what’s biting.


Bait Range

  • Garfish
    Snap frozen available in small and large packets
  • Mullet
    Snap frozen available as whole mullet
  • Pilchards
    Snap frozen available in 400gm, 1kg, 4kg box and 15kg box ( IQF – Individually Quick Frozen so you can easily separate individual pilchards.
  • Prawns
    Snap frozen and available in 200gm, 400gm and 1kg packets
  • Squid
    Snap frozen available in 200gm, 400gm and 1kg packets and 2kg box.
  • Wolf Herring
    Snap frozen, locally caught, available individually.

Special bait orders welcome:

Competitive pricing for specialty orders for bait – Game Fishing, bulk supplies etc.  Phone us on 0740 886125

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