Parts & Servicing

It’s important to maintain your engine in between services, as well as before and after every outing on the water.

Check out our top 5 outboard maintenance reminders to help keep your engine in tip-top condition.


Flushing after use

Flushing your engine as outlined in the owner’s manual is imperative to the longevity of your investment.
Flushing options can vary across the different models.
Please discuss the best option for your outboard with us.

Oil level inspection

Internal combustion engines require lubrication. Removing the engine cowl to check the oil level takes just a moment.
If you see a change in the oil level, contact your us for further advice.
Be sure to read the owner’s manual regarding the maintenance inspection of the outboard before checking oil levels. 


Battery terminal inspection

High-tech engines require a quality source of voltage to supply the engine control system.
Battery terminals need to be in top condition to transfer the required voltage and amps.
Wing nuts should be replaced with locknuts and check the battery fluid levels regularly.
To check which battery is best for your specific outboard model, please contact us.


Fuel filter checks

Fuel filters are the first line of defence against debris or water contamination coming from your boat's fuel tank.
It is recommended to complete a quick visual check before use.


Propeller inspection

Removing the propeller to check for fishing lines could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.
In addition, cleaning any burrs, dents or sharp edges improves the performance of the propeller.
Remember, the propeller is what transfers the horse power to the water, so it’s worth looking after!