Mackay Boat Trailers

Off The Beach Series

Standard features

The high quality, fully galvanised L and H Series Trailers cater for all types of sailing dinghy boats up to 18 feet. There are a number of optional extras which can be added to further upgrade the trailer to meet your needs.

  • Galvanised steel frame with two year structural warranty
  • Galvanised springs, axle, hubs, U-bolts and nuts
  • New first quality tyres with manufacturers warranty
  • Marine grease seals – prevents water entering the bearings
  • LED lights
  • Submersible lights
  • Galvanised steel 13” wheels Galvanised steel mudguards

Optional extras

  • Double deck
  • Timber / Laser cradle (preshaped to to boat hull)
  • Timber / Laser cradle (supply timber & parts for customer to shape and fit)
  • White plastic guards
  • 13” spare wheel and carrier
  • White powdercoated galvanised steel wheel
  • White alloy wheels
  • Mast Support